Readers ask: How To Set Up Bump Stops On A Vw Off Road Car?

Do I need hydraulic bump stops?

Who Needs Hydraulic Bump Stops? Hydraulic bump stops are best suited for customized off-road vehicles that are designed for going fast over large bumps. Think more racing-oriented than rock crawler, though they can certainly be used in most applications.

Where do you put bump stops?

Usually located on the frame above the axle, they protect the axle and the frame by preventing metal from hitting metal when the suspension bottoms out. All cars and trucks have bump stops installed at the factory.

How do bump stops work?

In the case of a shock, a bump stop will stop the suspension travel before the shock bottoms out, preventing damage to the shock. A bump stop is a progressive rate spring designed to have a soft initial contact and then rapidly increase in stiffness preventing hard contact.

Are bump stops worth it?

Suspension sag: If you regularly haul heavy loads, bump stops are absolutely crucial since they absorb the weight and keep your vehicle from bottoming out from bumps. If you notice your vehicle is leaning on curves and corners, you should check the bump stops right away to make sure they’re not the culprit.

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What size should bump stops be?

Hydraulic bump stops usually come in 2.0”- and 2.5”-cylinder sizes, including 2″ 3″ and 4″ stroke lengths, adjusted using internal spacers. The cylinder diameter is decided by the weight of the vehicle and how it is used. The stroke length is determined by your suspension travel and where the bump stops are mounted.

Do you need bump stops with air shocks?

you can get away from bump stops on air shocks if you have a really harsh ride, dont mind bottoming out hard or dont beat your rig like it owes you money. some sort of bump stop is a good idea but isnt 100% required. Agreed if you want to go really fast in the whoops then bump stops will probably help.

What happens if you don’t cut bump stop?

Since the dampers are not valved to handle such a stiff secondary spring, it can make rebound feel really harsh. Some may say bouncy. Constantly hitting the bump stop can cause the damper to prematurely wear or potentially blow out, too.

Do I need bump stops with lowering springs?

Registered. You need to cut the bump stops. Essentially your car is riding on them constantly instead of just hitting them when you go over something.

Does cutting bump stops lower car?

some manufacturers of lowering springs suggest cutting the original Bump Stops or replacing them with aftermarket made for lowered suspensions. The original Bump Stops are too long for the shorter suspension and when you lower the car, you can end up just riding on the Bump Stops and the Shocks can not do there job.

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What are off road bump stops?

Fox bump stops were created to provide additional bottom out control to maximize the vehicle’s entire suspension travel. Developed in conjunction with top off-road racing teams to achieve ultimate performance within a compact and light package.

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