Readers ask: How To Deal With Toll Road When Renting A Car In Ca?

How can I avoid tolls on my rental car?

4 Ways to Cheaper Rental Car Tolls

  1. Close the transponder in the car. If your rental car comes with an E-ZPass transponder and you don’t want to use it, try to close it.
  2. Use cash toll lanes.
  3. Use your own car’s toll transponder.
  4. Buy your own transponder.

Do you have to pay tolls in a rental car enterprise?

There is no TollPass Convenience Charge on rental days that you don’t use a toll road. Actual toll charges* will be billed to your debit or credit card on file with your Rental Agreement once the toll data is received from the toll authority, within approximately 4-6 weeks.

Can you go through tolls in a rental car?

In most cases, you’ll pay for the tolls themselves once you return the rental car. Most traditional rental car companies also charge an administration or convenience fee (usually $10 or less). It may be charged either daily during the rental period or each day you use the toll pass.

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Can I use my own ETAG in a rental car?

Rental cars with tags If the vehicle you rent has a tag fitted, you cannot use your own tag or pass – if you do you may end up being charged twice for the trip, once on your own tag/pass, and once by the rental car company.

How do tolls work in a rental car?

How Does It Work? You rent a vehicle from your favorite car rental company. The car you receive is equipped with a transponder that detects when the vehicle passes under an electronic toll. While driving through a designated toll lane, the transponder records the toll, adding the charge to your bill.

Can I use my VA E-Z Pass in a rental car?

We’ve done this several times, and E-Z Pass has no problem with you using a transponder in a rental car. You only run into a problem when your transponder flakes out and doesn’t register as you pass through the toll—which happened to us a few times on the trip.

Can I buy EZ Pass for rental car?

Do not add rental car information to your E-ZPass account. However, you can use your E-ZPass Tag in any vehicle of the same class. If your Tag does not read, you will be subject to the terms of your car rental agreement that apply to E-ZPass usage, toll transactions and/or violation transactions.

What happens if you go through EZ Pass in a rental car?

Getting stuck with a toll violation in a rental car can be a pricey addition to your trip. That’s because the violation will be sent directly to the rental car company. You’ll be billed for the toll and penalty fee, and the rental car company will charge an additional admin fee.

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Do enterprise cars have EZ Pass?

Enterprise does not provide EZ-Pass as an option with their car rentals. If you or any driver operate the rental vehicle in areas not served by TollPass and generate any unpaid toll(s) then you will be charged for all unpaid tolls and an administrative charge of up to $25.00 per rental.

How much is thrifty toll?

Avis/Budget automatically charge a $3.95 daily fee, ($19.75 maximum per month) plus tolls at the cash rate. Dollar/Thrifty are supposed to give customers the option of an all-inclusive toll package or a per-toll charge of $15 (both of which seem to vary based on rental location).

How do I log into my e-toll account?

For account holders, enter your E-Toll Account number or Email Address followed by your online password. For Authorised Representatives, enter the E-Toll Account number followed by -1 or -2 and your online password. Forgotten your password? ^Note: You can now use your email address to login to your E-Toll account.

How do I pay a toll for a rental car in Illinois?

Now, if you’re renting a vehicle or have a temporary vehicle of any kind, you can use the Pay By Plate system to pay. You can still pay previously unpaid tolls for up to 14 days, and you’ll be able to set an end date to ensure you’re not charged in the future for that same vehicle.

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