Question: What Car Documents Do.Police And Road Safety Need On Road Nigeria?

What car documents do I need in Nigeria?

List of 6 Important Vehicle/Car Documents in Nigeria (FRSC,LASTMA,VIO,Police)

  • Driver’s licence. The first and the most obvious one is your drivers license.
  • Proof of Ownership/Change of Ownership.
  • Certificate of car insurance.
  • Certificate of Road Worthiness.
  • Vehicle Licence or Registration.
  • Hackney Permit.

What are the necessary car documents?

Here Is A List Of Documents You Have To Keep In Your Car At All

  • Registration certificate. This document acts as proof that you have registered your vehicle with a regional transport office.
  • PUC Certificate.
  • Driving licence.
  • Insurance policy.
  • Any other required permits.

What are the vehicle documents?

Documents That All Car Owners Should Have:

  • Registration Certificate (RC) – The registration certificate of a vehicle is an official document that serves as proof of its registration.
  • PUC Certificate – The Pollution under Control (PUC) Certificate is provided to a vehicle that passes an emission test.

What is CMR document in Nigeria?

The CMR shows a car is registered in a central computerized system with their owners’ data, engine and chassis numbers. The purpose of the CMR is to checkmate theft of vehicles. CMR takes two working days to be issued on average and it isn’t genuinely issued in Abuja alone, it’s issued all over the country.

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How much does it cost to renew vehicle papers in Nigeria?

NAN investigations showed that the standard renewal fees for vehicle particulars in Nigeria are: N2,500 for vehicle licence, N4,450 for road worthiness and N5,000 for insurance policy, totalling N11,950 for standard vehicle particulars renewal.

What is Ecmr Nigeria?

Tafa Balogun to ask his men to stop demanding for the Enhanced Central Motor Registry (ECMR) document from motorists nationwide. This, according to the FRSC, is because the keeping of record of motor vehicles in the country, is the statutory mandate of the FRSC.

Who needs Hackney permit?

Hackney permit. The Hackney permit is another document that is required to drive freely on Nigerian roads and particularly on Lagos roads without any form of harassment. To simply put it, the hackney permit is simply a license for vehicles below a certain weight category to carry goods within a state.

How much does it cost to paper a car?

Presently vehicle Registration and Licensing can be completed with between 25,000 To 30,000 Naira. While the renewal is between 10,000 to 13,000 Naira. However Lagos State government is on the verge of increasing both the Fresh registration and the renewal with Fresh Reg at 100,000 Naira and Renewal at 30,000 Naira.

What is road worthiness certificate?

The certificate is awarded after a car has undergone certain tests for “roadworthiness” – the extent to which a vehicle meets the standard requirements for safe driving on open roads. For new cars, the roadworthiness certificate is issued by the car’s manufacturer and can be obtained from the dealership.

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What documents should not be kept in your car?

The car documents you can’t afford to lose

  • Make sure you keep these car documents safe. Friday 18 March 2016.
  • V5C.
  • Car tax (Vehicle Excise Duty)
  • Insurance.
  • MOT test certificate.
  • Service history.
  • Finance documents.
  • Comments.

Do I need to carry insurance documents?

It is advisable to keep your insurance certificate, MOT certificate and the vehicle registration document, the V5C vehicle log book – which gives details about the car, the make, the model, registration number and the registered keeper – together in a safe, secure but easily accessible place.

Is photocopy of RC valid?

All the drivers can present their documents in soft copy format through DigiLocker or the mParivahan app. These types of digital formats are also legally recognized to be equivalence with the original ones as per the Information Technology Act, 2000.

How much does change of ownership cost in Nigeria?

Under normal circumstances, the processing fee is usually N2,500 for motor vehicles and N625 for motorcycles but then, this is Nigeria. After the car ownership has been changed at the vehicle licensing office, the former owner is to notify the vehicle registration office of the change.

What is CMR in vehicle documents?

A CMR is a consignment note. It is the document prepared by the company delivering the vehicle to you; i.e. the external transport company. You need to sign the document to prove you received the vehicle.

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