Often asked: Why Does My Car Play Noise At The Toll Road?

What do the toll beeps mean?

If your tag looks like this, here’s what the beeps mean: 1 beep: There’s enough money in your account and everything’s fine. 3 beeps: Your account balance is low. Top up your account as soon as possible. 4 beeps: Your account has been suspended or cancelled.

Why does my toll double beep?

What do the E-Toll tag beeps mean? There are three types of E-Toll Tags. The tag sounds differ depending on which tag you have. As you travel through a toll point, your tag should make a beeping noise to let you know that the toll has been recorded.

Why does CarPlay sound bad?

In other words, the audio quality is somehow impacted by CarPlay running on the screen. Listening to music with a Bluetooth connection, so the audio is still routed to the speakers in the car, delivers the expected audio quality, so in some way, it looks like the CarPlay – Spotify duo is the culprit.

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Do tags still beep?

Your tag should beep as you pass through a toll point. If it doesn’t, the tag may be faulty or incorrectly installed.

What happens if my ETAG doesnt beep?

Your tag should beep when you travel through a toll point. If your tag doesn’t beep, you’ll be charged additional fees each time you travel.

Why did my tag not beep?

If it doesn’t beep at all, your tag may be incorrectly installed. Check your tag is properly installed by reading our tag installation instructions. If your tag is properly installed but still not beeping, order a replacement tag by calling 13 33 31.

Why is my ETAG not working?

If your Tag does not beep, the tag may be faulty or incorrectly installed. Please refer to the Tag installation guides and try re-installing your tag. Make sure your tag is clicked into the bracket and mounted to the windscreen (preferably in the dotted area or above the rear-view mirror).

What is my ETAG number?

Your tag number is the unique 10 to 12-digit serial number printed on your tag device. To find a list of all your tag numbers, log in to your account and select Tags from the menu. If you want to transfer a toll invoice or notice to your account, you’ll need your tag number.

Can you replace ETAG battery?

If your Transport for NSW E-Toll tag is faulty due to a battery or technical problem, you can take it to a service centre and replace it free of charge.

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Why does Bluetooth sound better than Apple CarPlay?

The reason why my Bluetooth audio sounded 10x better than my CarPlay audio is because I had set my Bluetooth audio’s Equaliser and enabled logic7 (if you don’t know what this is, it’s a sound stage enhancer like Dolby) as well in audio settings.

What’s the difference between Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay?

The first thing to note is that Bluetooth is wireless and CarPlay is not, at least not in most cars today. You have to connect your iPhone via USB-to-Lightning cable. Finally, CarPlay uses Siri to help you keep your eyes on the road. She’ll read your text messages aloud, and let you dictate your reply.

Why does Bluetooth sound better than Android Auto?

Audio quality creates a difference between the two. The music sent to the head unit contains higher quality audio that requires more bandwidth to work properly. Therefore Bluetooth is required to only send phone call audios which definitely can’t be disabled while running the Android Auto software on the car’s screen.

What happens if you go on a toll road without a tag?

Is there a fine if I use a toll road without a Tag or Pass? The Toll Notice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle that used the toll road. The owner of the vehicle is required by law to pay the Toll Notice, which will include the unpaid toll amount and an administration fee.

Does my go via tag still work?

Your E-way tag will still work on any toll road in Australia. As you travel through a toll point, your tag will beep once. If you hear more than one beep, or no beeps, take the tag health check. If your old E-way tag has stopped beeping you can order a replacement tag online.

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