Often asked: Smashy Road: Wanted Which Car Can Go Into The Water?

What is the best vehicle in Smashy Road wanted?

In y’all opinion what is the best car in smashy road and why? The Beast – fast (almost like the F1), durable (almost like the Tank Destroyer), 5x money (like the Flipper or the Moneyvan) and turns without drifting better than any car in the game.

How do you get the tank in Smashy road Most Wanted?

The Tank is a Mystery vehicle in Smashy Road Wanted 2. It (when obtained) will automatically fire bullets in the direction of any near enemies. To obtain the tank, the player must find their way into a military camp, then enter the tank they see and destroy 10 enemies in under 60 seconds.

What does the water jet 3000 do in Smashy road?

WaterJet 3000 is one of the 12 Smashy Road Wanted 2 Mystery Vehicles. It has above-average health and does almost exactly the same thing as Oil Truck. The only difference is that it squirts water instead of dropping oil. It can be obtained by completing the ‘Fire Fighter’ main mission.

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Are there boats in Smashy Road 2?

You can now drive boats and aerial vehicles. There are now SRI cops and police suv’s and army trucks with turrets. You can unlock alien invasion at 4500 score and get the alien character.

How do you get all the mystery characters in Smashy Road 2?

Smashy Road Wanted 2 Mystery Vehicles

  1. Bearbit Racer: Unlocked by collecting 10 smashy road letters. ”
  2. Zombie Smasher: Unlocked by killing or running over 40 zombies “Zombies”
  3. Clown Car: Unlocked by getting the NoFun character and drivng the Clown Car at the circus “key to success”

What does the beast do Smashy road?

The Beast’s description is “Gives police nightmares”, a reference to its absurd power from the combination of many powerful vehicles.

How do you get Rodeo drift in Smashy road?

Rodeo Drift is one of the 12 Smashy Road Wanted 2 Mystery Vehicles. It has quite high stats, and can majorly drift. It can be obtained by completing the ‘Cowboy Showdown’ main mission.

What are upgrades in Smashy Road 2?

Be sure to save the upgrade for a good vehicle and don’t waste it on common cars. Upgrades increase your vehicles’ stats, and are only obtainable by getting duplicate vehicles and drivers, so they are quite rare at the beginning. Meanwhile, you earn cash by completing side missions and by picking them up in the game.

What is the SRI in Smashy Road 2?

SRI class: There is a new class of enemies in SR2: the SRI. Coming in before the military at Wanted Level 5, they drive epic-tier vehicles and possess the second-hardest human NPC enemies in the game.

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What does the Bearbit racer do in Smashy Road 2?

Bearbit Racer is one of the 12 Smashy Road Wanted 2 Mystery Vehicles. It has very high speed ( about as high as F1 ). It can be obtained by completing the ‘collect all SR letters’ main mission. ‘collect all SR letters involves’ finding the letters S M A S H Y R O A D all across the map ( but mostly in the countryside.

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