Often asked: People Who Have Bumper Stickers On Their Car Are More Prone To Road Rage?

Do Bumper Stickers cause road rage?

Drivers who slap a bumper sticker onto their cars are more likely to drive aggressively, according to a social psychologist at Colorado State University. student at CSU, authored a road rage study that was published in this month’s Journal of Applied Social Psychology. The study is essentially a bumper bummer.

What is the most common cause of road rage?

Environmental factors such as crowded roads can boost anger behind the wheel. Certain psychological factors, including displaced anger and high life stress, are also linked to road rage. In addition, studies have found that people who experience road rage are more likely to misuse alcohol and drugs.

What is the leading cause of aggressive driving?

Traffic congestion is one of the most frequently mentioned contributing factors to aggressive driving, such as speeding. Drivers may respond by using aggressive driving behaviors, including speeding, changing lanes frequently, or becoming angry at anyone who they believe impedes their progress.

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Do bumper stickers make you a target?

— As more people are getting out and about, local police have a warning: decals or bumper stickers you put on your car might make you a target for criminals. Even something simple like saying your child is an honor roll student might give criminals the upper edge.

How should you handle a situation of road rage?

How to stay safe in a road rage incident

  1. Lock your doors.
  2. Do not react to aggressive drivers.
  3. Avoid escalation.
  4. Get out of the way.
  5. Find a safe place to stop.
  6. Do not go home – You may be followed.
  7. Avoid eye contact.
  8. When stuck in traffic, leave lots of room between your vehicle and the one ahead.

What is considered road rage?

Road rage is the act of using your car as a weapon to retaliate against other drivers in various ways. Acts of road rages include: Tailgating dangerously close or actually nudging the bumper of another vehicle. Sudden braking in front of another vehicle.

Is road rage a mental disorder?

Road Rage is a psychological disorder where an individual experiences heightened levels of stress, anxiety, or hostility because of their driving environment.

What percentage of traffic fatalities are caused by road rage?

Generation X and road rage Recent NHTSA reports found that: Road rage was a factor in 25% of the fatal car crashes involving drivers ages 40 to 54. These road rage-related deadly crashes constituted 5% of all fatal traffic incidents.

What is the difference between an aggressive driver and a driver with road rage?

Simply put, aggressive driving is a traffic offense that happens on the roadway, and road rage is a crime that can follow you home. Aggressive driving can easily escalate into road rage, but road rage does not occur in every case of aggressive driving.

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What is the of fatal collisions that are caused by improper driving?

IN THIS FACTS + STATISTICS Speeding was also the leading driving behavior associated with fatal crashes in 2019 (17.2 percent), followed by driving under the influence (10.1 percent), according to NHTSA: Following improperly.

Do Baby on Board stickers make you a target?

Car stickers, personalized plates could make you a target for crime, police say. They say “Baby on Board” stickers make you an easy target for criminals, letting them know you’ll be distracted when you get to your destination.

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