Often asked: How To Get Every Car In Smashy Road Wanted?

How do you get all the cars in Smashy Road 2?

Smashy Road Wanted 2 Mystery Vehicles

  1. Bearbit Racer: Unlocked by collecting 10 smashy road letters. ”
  2. Zombie Smasher: Unlocked by killing or running over 40 zombies “Zombies”
  3. Clown Car: Unlocked by getting the NoFun character and drivng the Clown Car at the circus “key to success”

What is the best car in Smashy Road wanted?

In y’all opinion what is the best car in smashy road and why? The Beast – fast (almost like the F1), durable (almost like the Tank Destroyer), 5x money (like the Flipper or the Moneyvan) and turns without drifting better than any car in the game. It really is the beast;) The beast.

What car can go on water in Smashy road?

It was the worst car because it not a legendary car to float. When you start the hovercraft it makes no sound. Real life hovercraft can float on water but the hovercraft on smashy road can’t float on water.

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How do you get good at Smashy road?

Smashy Road: Wanted Tips and Tricks

  1. Destroy stuff to boost your score.
  2. Fit through tight spaces.
  3. Avoid unbreakable objects.
  4. Go off road.
  5. Vehicles handle differently.
  6. Pick up money and watch videos for more cash.

How do you get the mystery tank in Smashy Road 2?

The Tank is a Mystery vehicle in Smashy Road Wanted 2. It (when obtained) will automatically fire bullets in the direction of any near enemies. To obtain the tank, the player must find their way into a military camp, then enter the tank they see and destroy 10 enemies in under 60 seconds.

How do you get the key to success in Smashy Road 2?

Run over 40 zombies within 50 seconds to complete the mission and unlock the Zombie Smasher Mystery Vehicle. Key to Success – Find the carnival and ride the Clown Car. This will instantly unlock the Clown Car Mystery Vehicle and the NOFUN Mystery Character.

What does the time travel car do in Smashy road?

Time machine is a legendary car brought the game. It has medium durability and relatively good speed. When you reach the maximum speed you leave a trail of fire and the screen changes, making it looks like an old photo (or an old movie) it also puffs out a cloud (or smoke) and has the ability to push back cars.

What does the money car do in Smashy Road 2?

Money Man is a legendary car that can be used in Smashy Road: Wanted. By using this car, the amount of money you get in-game is worth 5 times more than regular. The Flipper and The Beast also have this ability. This means that you get 5 cash per drop collected rather than 1 cash per drop collected.

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What does the beast do Smashy Road Wanted 2?

The Beast’s description is “Gives police nightmares”, a reference to its absurd power from the combination of many powerful vehicles.

How do you get money in Smashy road?

Smashy Road: Wanted Tips & Guide: How to Get Unlimited Cash for

  1. Earn Cash While Driving. You can earn cash while you’re driving, but as we pointed out in another Smashy Road: Wanted tips and tricks article, this can be very slow.
  2. Run The Time Lapse After Dying.
  3. Another Take On The Time Lapse.
  4. Watch Ad Videos.

How do I unlock NoFun?

NoFun is required for the “Key to Success” quest where you must go to the funfair as NoFun, then enter the clown car in the middle, which, if you are not using NoFun, will be locked. He has about average speed and swimming stats, with a relatively high health stat.

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