Question: What Is The Procedure If You Have A Breakdown On A Smart Motorway?

Who do you call if you breakdown on the motorway?

call 999 immediately. The emergency services can alert us, so we can close motorway lanes and send other help as required, such as a Traffic Officer. Tell the operator if you’re disabled and/or a vulnerable motorist such as an older person or travelling alone.

Who is responsible for smart motorways?

From 2013 the current term smart motorway was used by the Highways Agency (now Highways England) to promote the technology to road users. In January 2018, the contracts previously awarded to Carillion were taken on by Kier, following its entry into compulsory liquidation.

What should you do if you break down in the fast lane?

What should you do if you breakdown in the fast lane? Worst case scenario, you breakdown on the motorway in the middle or outside lane and can’t get to the hard shoulder. In this case, keep your seatbelts on, turn on hazard lights and call 999 immediately.

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Why is there no hard shoulder on smart motorways?

Emergency refuge areas (ERAs), or SOS areas, are located on smart motorways and designed to offer a place of relative safety for stranded vehicles on roads without hard shoulders. Increasingly painted orange for improved visibility, they appear up to every 1.5 miles on ‘all lane running’ smart motorways.

What happens if I break down on motorway?

If you break down in a live lane, then: Try to get the vehicle into the leftmost lane and as far off the carriageway as possible. If you’re in the left-hand lane and it’s safe to do so, get out of the vehicle on the left-hand (passenger) side and wait behind the barrier. Stay upstream of oncoming traffic.

Do you call the police if you break down on motorway?

If you feel as though it is an emergency situation and you cannot leave your vehicle, then call the police. The police will be able to advise you on what to do next and will be able to bring you to safety and control the traffic. Once you have safely left your vehicle then call for breakdown assistance.

Are motorway speed cameras always on?

What has not been given too much publicity is that the speed cameras on smart motorways are switched on all the time and that these cameras do not just operate to enforce speed limits below 70 miles an hour they also operate to enforce speed limits of 70 miles and over, even when there are no messages on the overhead

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Are smart motorways going to be banned?

UK government: no more smart motorways without stopped car detection. The government has taken further steps to improve the safety of smart motorways without hard shoulders, including banning such motorways from opening if they lack measures to detect stopped cars.

Are smart motorways being stopped?

No new smart motorways will be opened until proposed safety upgrades have been installed, the Government revealed last week. The announcement from Transport Secretary Grant Shapps detailed that stopped vehicle detection (SVD) technology will be installed in all new smart motorways.

What is the problem with smart motorways?

And recognising it can take too long to close lanes when something happens on a smart motorway, technology will be installed to pick up problems quicker. The radar-based stopped vehicle detection (SVD) technology scans the road for stopped vehicles.

Can I leave my broken down car?

Call the local authorities and let them know that your vehicle has broken down. Some states will tow an abandoned vehicle after 48 hours; the police department in your area will tell you how long you can leave your car unattended before the law gets involved.

What do you do if you break down without cover?

If you have an emergency breakdown and no cover, you can call a breakdown provider to get cover and immediate assistance, contact a nearby garage, or use an emergency phone if you’re on a major road. However, these can all be expensive options.

What to do if you break down on motorway with no hard shoulder?

If your vehicle has a problem on a motorway with no hard shoulder: Move into the left hand lane and put your hazard lights on. Exit at the next junction or services OR. Follow the orange SOS signs to an emergency area and call for help using the free telephone.

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When can you use the hard shoulder on a motorway?

You should only use the hard shoulder if you have an emergency breakdown and are unable to drive off the motorway at the next junction. A red X closes a lane of the motorway. When this signal is above a motorway lane you must not use this lane.

Does the M4 have a hard shoulder?

All Lanes Running Configuration The hard shoulder is opened up as a regular running lane when the volume of traffic requires this (when there is congestion).

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