Often asked: When Will The Wellingtion Motorway Be Complated?

When was Wellington motorway built?

The 27-kilometre Transmission Gully will become the new State Highway 1 route in and out of Wellington. Securing material supplies such as aggregate and bitumen has been a challenge as it is in every construction project. Transmission Gully has had to source quarried materials from as far away as Taranaki.

Is Transmission Gully open yet?

Transmission Gully, a 27-kilometre stretch of State Highway 1 north of Wellington, is officially scheduled to open on September 27.

How many lanes will Transmission Gully have?

Transmission Gully motorway is a four-lane 27 km state highway currently being built from Linden to McKay’s Crossing (north of Paekākāriki) passing through the rural areas to the east of Porirua and Whitby.

Why is it called Transmission Gully?

Transmission Gully, a chain of steep-sided, isolated valleys in the Wellington Region of New Zealand, runs approximately north-south between the Kapiti Coast and Tawa, through hills east of Porirua. The gully’s name comes from the 110,000-volt transmission line that formerly ran through it.

How much does Transmission Gully cost?

The blown out cost of Transmission Gully is pushing up over $3.5 billion, and it’s still not complete. Commuters and truckies could now be driving 27km down Transmission Gully into Wellington this morning, if it weren’t for fundamental flaws in tendering out the project.

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How much faster will Gully save?

In their evidence used to get the project consented, the NZTA say Transmission Gully will save 7 minutes despite the road being 0.7km longer than the current coastal route. While a much longer route, that’s a similar overall time saving to what the Northern Gateway Toll road achieved.

When was Transmission Gully started?

Construction began on 8 September 2014 and completion was originally scheduled for April 2020, but contractual negotiations as well as difficulties resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in delays, with the opening to be some time in late 2021.

Who is the contractor for Transmission Gully?

Transmission Gully is being constructed as a public-private partnership with a contract between Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and Wellington Gateway Partnership, which includes CPB HEB Joint Venture as the road builder.

Where is the new Manawatu Gorge road going?

Earthworks are filling in a section of gully near Ashhurst where the new highway will run. Across the river from the mothballed highway through the Manawatū Gorge, construction is rumbling into action for a replacement road.

Where does Transmission Gully come out?

As we near the end of construction and put the finishing touches on the Transmission Gully motorway, we want to get you ready for driving on the new road. When it opens, Transmission Gully will become SH1 and will be the main route in and out of Wellington.

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