Smart Streets Hackathon Winners 2014

Below is a list of prize winners from the 2014 Hack Smart event on March 6th/ 7th. The results achieved by the participants in just 24 hours, was outstanding and we will be featuring each team in a blog post in the next few weeks. A massive congratulations goes out to all entries.

1.      Best Solution to an industry challenge set on the day.  1st  Prize - £1,000

Winner: ISL B36 - Presented by Gareth Ramsdale from Balfour Beatty 

2.      Best Data Visualisation. 1st  Prize - £1,000

Winner: B38, Presented by Andrew Leeming  from Lancashire County Council 

3.      Best International Team Entry.   1st  Prize: £1,000, 2nd Prize £500

Winner: 1st Prize: Stuttgart (Supergeil), 2nd Prize University of Lugano (USI) Nostrodamus 

4.      Most commercially viable solution. 1st  Prize - £1,000

Winner: CompSoc, 

5.      Most novel use of integrated data 1st  Prize - £1,000

Winner: Progress - Presented by Dr Jun Zhao 

6.      Judges Pick. 1st  Prize - £1,000

Winner: Joint - Syn-Energy & SmartStreet-Soton (University of Southampton) 

7.      Grand Prize (community awarded). £1,000
Winner: Joint - B38 & Supergeil (University of Stuttgart) Presented by Nigel Davies 

8.      Special mention – 4 Manchester United Tickets donated by In Touch
Winner: Null Point Exception