The project is launching a set of competitions for funding applications which use the data from the Smart Streets Hub to solve either industry or public problems and challenges. There is up to £60,000 available and we are looking for entrants to build innovative solutions using the data feeds from the Smart Streets Hub infrastructure which will be commercially viable either to business or to the wider general public. The app must be completed by December 2013. Agreed stage payments will be made at the end of each quarter upon receipt of invoice and approval of works completed against a set of review criteria. The judging panel’s decision will be final.’ 

Entries will be judged again the following criteria: 

  • Innovation – What are the innovative aspects of your proposal? 
  • Technical Ability – What Technical capabilities can you bring to the project? 
  • Effort and Timelines – What Effort is required and what are the proposed timelines?
  • Market Opportunity – What is the commercial opportunity for the proposal? 
  • Stakeholders – Who are the proposal stakeholders 
  • Risks – What risks have been identified? 


Congratulations to our 4 competition winners for securing funding for their IoT Project.