Who are Amey?

Amey Plc. works across the UK managing public services and infrastructure and delivers service to local authorities, the Highways Agency, Transport for London and Transport Scotland. Amey is one of the UKs leading providers of public services to UK Central & local Government.  They have a workforce of over 21,000 and a turnover of c.£2.3bn.Currently they provide technology support in the form of HA TechMAC contracts in the South East, North East and West Midlands and Highways maintenance for HA Area 9, as well as long term Highways Maintenance and Management (25 yr PFI’s) for the cities of Sheffield and Birmingham. In the case of Birmingham alone, they are responsible for 2,547km of carriageway, 4,923km of footpath, 95,000+ streetlights, and all roadside technology.


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