SME Quick Start Guide

SME Quick Start Guide

If you are an SME or developer interested in working with the Smart Streets Hub we recommend the following five step process. 

1. Watch our short video here that introduces the Smart Streets Hub. This provides an overview of the Smart Streets vision and may give you some fresh ideas on how your business can benefit from the Internet of Things. If you would like us to run an innovation workshop to help your business understand the potential then we have significant experience of running this type of event.

2. There are numerous different business models that can operate within the Internet of Things. We have prepared a short guide that outlines some of the many possibilities but it is also possible to create your own model. Indeed, it is likely that the “winning” IoT business model has yet to emerge. 

3. As with any business there are legal and ethical issues that you need to consider when interacting with the Smart Streets Hub and, indeed, with the IoT in general. We have provided a short guide that can be used to inform your own thinking in the area of privacy and ethics. We have worked closely with a legal specialist as part of the Smart Streets project and we are happy to provide contact details on request, see here for details

4. If you are a technology company then you can access details of our Smart Streets Hub API . Depending on which data sets you wish to use or contribute you may need to contact us to negotiate access.

5. If you are a company that does not have its own IoT specialists then you may wish to discuss your ideas with an experienced development company, You can either contact the consortium directly or you can browse the list of some of the developers who have built successfully Smart Streets prototypes through our various events, visit our hub here.

We hope that this simple set of five steps helps you to begin working with the Smart Streets Hub