#IoTHour has already had a reach of over 78,500 since it began from across the world. 

It will be run on Twitter for one hour each week, Monday at 2-3pm. Each week an expert will be on hand to lead the discussions and the Smart Streets project team will help facilitate this.

The topics selected will be a mixture of generic IoT related questions, Specific technical IoT questions and industry/ news led topics. Types of topics:

  • IoT, hubs and Interop
  • How IoT can help make the world a greener place
  • Security issues in IoT

Each week the “expert” will be announced in advance and will be required to promote their involvement to their followers/ network. The expert will then lead the discussion using the hashtag #IoTHour where people can engage with the question posed.

We are always looking for suggestions, ideas and participation. If you would like to be an expert one week please email us here, alternatively keep involved on #IoTHour each week.

Previous topics and hosts

24th March 2014 - Dr. Catherine L. Muller, Research Fellow at Birmingham Urban Climate Lab (BUCL) Discussing IoT in Eductaion 

17th March 2014 - Sharon Jackson - Bay Web Bubbles, discussed wearable devices and fitness

10th March 2014 - Mark Lochrie - PhD Student at Lancaster University, held a review of the software developed during the Smart Streets Hack #HackSmart14

3rd March 2014 - SEO24/7 - Competition winner and SEO specialists, led the discussion into Connected homes and IoT

24th February 2014 - Michael Walker - Programme Director for Aimes Grid Services. Covering congestion catalysts in urban environments and IoT as Data gathering to address the problems and deliver optimised public private transport.

10th February 2014 - Dan Prince - Associate Director Security Lancaster and Business Partnership Management, discussed cycber security and IoT

27th Feburary 2014 - Mark Lochrie - Discussing Gamification in IoT and service personalisation 

To see up and coming topics for IoT Hour please see our events section or find us on Twitter @IoTHour