Business Models

SME’s can use to Hub and Data in any way in accordance with the terms and conditions and license of use. These Terms and Conditions and Licenses are defined within the hub and the associated data agreements.  SMEs may generate revenue in accordance with the Hub and License conditions of use. An example of SME business models is shown in the attachment below.

Potential Hub and Data uses for SME’s:

·         Combining multiple Data sets within the Hub

·         Combining Hub Data with other data sets (non Hub Data)

·         Building Apps or similar which will utilise Hub Data

·         Using Live and/ or Historical data in accordance to the Terms and Conditions and Licenses.

If there is any doubt as to how data may be used or incorporated, then please use the Smart Streets Hub contact forms to request clarification.

Hub Operations

·         Although reasonable endeavors will be made to ensure that the Hub and Data will be generally accessible and operational, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for specific conditions and license use.

·         Data will not remain on the Hub indefinitely and particular data may be removed at any time without notice; and aside of any commercial arrangements which take precedent over these support notes, the data user and/or buyer should remain mindful that data is provided ‘as-is’ at the time of use and there is no warranty of any kind provided, including without limitation that data is accurate or available indefinitely or that its use will not infringe the rights of any third party. Accordingly, it is a condition of access to the Data that any user’s or buyer’s use of the same will be entirely at that user’s or buyer’s risk and responsibility.

·         Reasonable endeavors will be made to ensure that the Infrastructure will be configured so that integrity of the Data stored on the Hub is not corrupted or compromised; and the confidentiality of Data which is intended to be held confidentially is maintained in line with commercially reasonable means and without being subject to unauthorised access.

·         The Hub Infrastructure will be available for use on a commercially reasonable continuous basis in accordance with the Hub and License Terms and Conditions, and will be virus free to the extent reasonably possible with Data being backed up in line with commercially reasonable practice.

·         The ‘user’ must ensure that they do not knowingly infringe the rights of any third party with the use of the Infrastructure or Data.

·         The Hub will be maintained to commercially reasonable standards in accordance with the applicable laws in accordance with the T’s and C’s and Licenses.

·         The Infrastructure will be updated and modified in line with standard commercial offerings for its Infrastructure including upgrades, maintenance and bug-fixes required from time to time and as such will be subject to occasional system down time.

·         The Hub will be hosted on a UK or European cloud service and will conform with all European and UK Data privacy/protection regulations.

·         The Hub as a concept and operating website and tool for data exchange shall be the property of and be controlled by InTouch Ltd.

·         USER’s/ SME’s shall not be entitled to copy, sell, offer for sale, or migrate the data to other servers or software or infrastructures without the prior written permission of InTouch and the data owner where this differs from InTouch.

The Terms and Conditions within the Hub User and Licensing provide comprehensive detail to the commercial and legal aspects of Hub and Data Usage. Should these guidelines appear to conflict with the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions take precedence. These notes are intended to provide some basic support and information to the commercial and legal aspects of the Hub, and do not form any part of the Terms and Conditions.